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Jul 8, 2018

General Rules:
  1. Do not RDM
    • RDM (Random death match) is killing or inflicting damage on a person(s) without a valid roleplay reason.
  2. Do not prop minge. Prop minging includes but is not limited to:
    • Spawning props in someone's base
    • Banging props against the wall or each other to create sounds/screen movement.
    • Shooting props to spam particle effects.
  3. You must have an rp reason to destroy tip jars/radios ("Annoying music" isn't a valid reason, use !radio to turn it off clientside.)
  4. Don’t troll/minge (This can and will be defined as 'No Intent to RP', which is bannable.)
  5. You must act and speak in-character whenever in the server. This rule excludes admin sits and/or if you are trying to report a player.
  6. If a player does damage to you, you can wait an infinite amount of time to retaliate as long as you and the person you are killing are still on the same life. (That being said, once you witness their death, you cannot kill them in retaliation, as they are a "different person.")
  7. Do not metagame
    • Metagaming is where you see something happen out of RP and you use it in an RP situation.
    • Examples of metagaming include but are not limited to:
    • Being warranted for something said in ooc or discord.
    • Pming in-game details to someone over steam or discord in attempts to gain an advantage.
    • (following from above) using details shared by someone who previously died.
  8. Don't be an asshole when it's undeserved- We do not tolerate toxicity, and players have every right to retaliate against someone who isn't generally courteous.
  9. When a staff brings you to a sit, you are excluded from all RP situations at that moment. You are to deal with the staff's concerns and you may continue to RP whenever they returns you or places you back on the streets/public area of RP.
  10. Do not use/tolerate the usage of exploits/hacks. This can and will result in a permanent ban.
    • If you see a bug or someone using cheats, you need to immediately report it to the staff team.
    • Evident failure to do so can and may result in a ban or other punishments.
  11. If you're disrespecting the staff then don't expect to receive service from staff members. They have every right to not help a player that does not appreciate them.
  12. Do not use any demeaning slurs. There is no reason to, unless you are trying to be disrespectful. (Roleplay classes with motivations to use such slurs will be exempt, however.)
  13. Do not RP in spawn. This includes but is not limited to: completing hits, kidnapping, mugging, selling/buying items, building, etc.
  14. Do not mic/chat spam.
  15. Any links put in ooc that are associated to pornography, other servers/communities, extreme violence/gore, or containing any types of prejudice or discrimination can and will result in a ban.
  16. You may not destroy other people's property unless it's a raid. Examples of people's properties include but are not limited to: Tip jars, props, radios, or raidables like bitcoin miners, drug production equipment, or printers.
  17. Do not attempt to crash/lag the server in any way. This can and will result in a permanent ban.
    • This includes prop spam, DDoS, button spam, etc.
  18. Do not talk about RP related things in out of character (OOC) chat.
    • This includes but is not limited to: buying guns, placing hits, raids, etc. This is another form of metagaming and will result in the same punishments.
  19. You must have a valid rp reason to warn someone. If you do not, it will be considered attempted rdm.
    • Do not warn for harmless things such as walking down the street. It is clear you are just trying to find an excuse to kill.
  20. You do not need to advert warnings. It is your choice, but it is unnecessary.
  21. All jobs are allowed to bomb, however only terrorists can bomb publicly.
    • You must advert bombings regardless of class or intentions.
    • "Bombing" adverts must come before you actually activate the bomb.
    • You cannot put c4 directly through props under any circumstance. This is no-collide abuse and may result in a ban.
    • You may bomb during raids.
  22. If a new player is struggling and doesn’t grasp the rules, don’t try to burn them at the stake and ruin their experience with DarkRP. Try to help them with the basic concepts of the gamemode.
  23. Use common sense when playing on the server. We follow the rules and concepts of real life, so try to appeal to logical roleplay as much as possible.
  24. Finding Loopholes in the rules to gain advantages in admin/rp situations will result in a ban. If you notice any loopholes within the rules, notify a staff member.

NLR Rules:
  1. The New Life Rule (NLR) goes as follows: Upon death, job change, disconnect, or server crash/restart, you cannot use any information from your previous life.
  2. An example of information that will be forgotten are:
    • Ongoing raid locations
    • Keypad codes
    • Current warrants
    • Any conflicts with players
  3. When you die, you can go back to your place of death. However, you cannot reference or use any information gained in your previous life.
  4. You may not interact with the player that killed you for 5-10 minutes (Examples of interacting with someone and breaking NLR- Mugging/killing/kidnapping someone because they kidnapped/mugged/killed you, returning and trash talking someone who raided you, convincing someone to counter a raid on your base after you have died, etc.)
  5. If you are defending your base from a raid, you can not go back after you die to continue defending.
  6. If you are raiding a base and die, you cannot return to continue the raid.
  7. If you are defending the bank or PD as a civil protection and die, you cannot go back to defend immediately unless called upon by other civil protection.
  8. Civil Protection cannot warrant for something they saw in the previous life.

Raid/Mug/Kidnap Rules:
  1. You do not have to advert raid/mug/kidnap.
  2. However, you do have to advert for PD or Bank raids.
    • You must advert 'over' after raiding the PD or Bank.
  3. You may not use any keybinds or building tools (physgun, gravgun, toogul, spawn menu, or the context menu) during a raid. (This goes for both the defender and the raider)
  4. You can initiate a raid from inside a base, even (or especially) if the owner has let you in voluntarily. In other words, watch who you trust.
  5. Leaving/reconnecting to the server to avoid kidnap/mugging/raiding is a bannable offense. (LTARP)
  6. If you are kidnapping someone then you are not allowed to hang them.
  7. You can have at maximum two people kidnapped at a time. However, you may mug as many people at once as you would like.
  8. If you raid someone, you need to wait at least 5 minutes before raiding another base.
  9. If you are going to raid the same person, you must wait at least 20 minutes.
  10. You must wait at least 20 minutes to raid the PD or Bank again.
  11. Your kidnapped person must be ungagged and unblinfolded when in a base, Although you can gag them if they try calling for help/harass you.
  12. If the mayor just spawned in, you must wait at least 10 minutes before raiding the PD or threatening their life.
  13. A raid can last for an unlimited amount of time until you get past all the fading doors and the defender is killed.
    • Once these conditions are met, you have 10 minutes to loot their base.
    • After these 10 minutes are over, the defendant may return and kill you.
    • You may stay in a base for a maximum of 15 minutes after you have passed the fading doors. You cannot move into someone's base and call it your own, no matter how pretty it is.
  14. If you kidnapped someone, you must wait 5 minutes to kidnap again (exception to cultist which is 2 mins ).
  15. As a criminal, if you kidnap someone you may hold them for ransom, and if they cannot pay themselves you can advertise their life.
  16. You must wait 20 minutes before mugging/kidnapping the same person.
  17. The max time you may hold someone is 15 minutes.
  18. You can not kidnap hobos/dogs. (Cultists are excluded from this rule.)
  19. The max mug amount is $10,000, and the maximum you can ransom someone for is 25,000. Once a user pays their requested mug or ransom, you must let them go.
  20. When raiding, you must warn civilians to leave the premises. If there are Civil Protection on the property, you can kill them.
  21. When raiding a base, you must be on the property to initiate the raid. You cannot snipe the owner from across the map and then raid.
  22. When countering an action, you must have RP relations to the person you are saving/assisting. (Civil Protection must protect everyone.)
  23. When you warn a user you MUST give the user 10 seconds.
    • It needs to be obvious whom your warnings are directed to. (For example) You cannot advert warn from upstairs in your base, walk outside, and then kill someone you "warned".
    • If they aren't, you may find yourself reimbursing the person(s) you killed.
  24. When mugging or kidnapping someone, restrain them to prevent them from using weapons. When a person is untied, however, they have full access to all of the weapons on their person or in their inventory. Our server does not use FearRP.
    • Elaborating on the rule above- If you need to remove weapons from your victim, use a weapon checker sold from the black market dealer, or you can just release them bound into the streets.
    • You can warn your victims to put their hands in the air with (key). If they attempt to pull out a weapon, you can kill them.

Spiderman Swep Rules:
  1. You cannot use the Spiderman swep to avoid rp. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Being mugged and using the Spiderman swep to get away from the mugger.
    • Getting kidnapped and using the Spiderman swep to get away from the kidnapper.
    • Using the Spiderman swep to get away from Civil Protection attempting to arrest/weapon check you.
  2. You can use the Spiderman swep during/to engage rp. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Spiderman swepping into a territory to both claim/defend.
    • Using the Spiderman swep to enter/reach a building.
    • Using the Spiderman swep to climb over or on top of someone/something.
  3. You cannot use the Spiderman swep during a raid to get past defenses.
    • This includes player, Bank, and PD raids.
  4. If you are currently kidnapping someone then you cannot use the Spiderman swep. You must walk/run.
  5. Failure to follow these rules can and may result in the removal of your Spiderman swep.

Building Rules:

Staff members have the final say if your base is allowed or not. Staff are to ensure that your base is not overpowered, and follows all of the building rules. If a staff requests you make a change, do it. If you fail to comply with them, they have every right to remove/edit your base.
  1. You cannot base in admin land.
  2. You must have at least one viable and obvious entrance to your base. Players must not have to jump or pass through no-collided objects to reach the entrance.
  3. You must have keypads for entrance fading doors.
  4. Shooty-holes can have buttons or keypads, but cannot be used by keybinds during a raid.
    • In order to maintain more fair bases, the absolute smallest measurement of a shooty-hole cannot be less tall or wide than the plastic 2x2, or the model plate05x05.mdl
  5. You are not allowed to rp while possessing and displaying a building sign. (This means selling stuff, growing weed, printing, bitmining, or raiding.)
    • If you're building (and possess a building sign) you are excluded from all RP situations (Ex- Being mugged, being kidnapped, etc.)
    • Abusing the 'exempt from rp' rule can and may result in a ban or your money/inventory being reset.
  6. Raiders must be able to see where they are getting shot from when raiding.
    • Any fences or props that can or will be shot through must be transparent.
    • One ways with moving materials and fences are NOT allowed.
  7. KOS signs must be pertained to the building itself, not public domains such as roads & sidewalks.
    • KOS signs must be size 50 font, if not larger for all of the text.
    • KOS signs cannot specifically target classes or players.
    • If someone is on your property, you do not need a KOS sign to kill them.
  8. You can not have decoy keypads and you cannot hide your keypads/buttons. The entry path into your base must be obvious.
  9. Crouch bases are allowed but if your base has the head glitch it will be taken down, this also includes hobo structures.
  10. Jump Bases are not allowed. Players should not have to jump from one place to another to raid your base.
  11. Spamming a fading door using the button is fine, however you cannot have a button or keypad set to close one of your entrance doors. This is fading door abuse (FDA), and can and may result in a ban.
  12. Stating from the rule above, spamming a fading door bind is not allowed. Especially if you're spamming a fading door that's an entrance to your base. This WILL result in a ban for FDA.
  13. You may use lights and lamps, but if admin asks you to remove them you must remove them.
  14. When mega basing you must have 2 people per building.
  15. Your keypads must stay open for at least 5 seconds.
    • Keypads to the entrance of your base may not have any delay.
  16. You have to fit 3-4 people comfortably in between fading doors.
  17. You are only allowed to have 3 fading doors as leading to your base, but you can have as many shooty holes as you like.
    • World doors/garages do NOT count as one of your entrance doors.
  18. You may not have double fading doors, or have a fading-door over a normal door.
  19. People must be able to lock pick the fading door and not have to use the keypad for your main entrance doors. A doorway or entrance that can only be activated by keypad cracking is considered prop block.
    • Prop block is excusable as long as there is at least one viable an obvious entrance to your base.
  20. You cannot fading door abuse (FDA).
    • This is where you open your shooty hole with your keyboard and close it quickly, causing an unfair raid.
    • Shooty holes must be operated via button or keypad and not keybind.
    • You must have visible buttons for your shooty holes. If there are no apparent keypads or buttons, staff may presume you are guilty of FDA.
  21. The only jobs allowed to build on the street are variants of the hobo.
    • Furthermore, the rooftop above a building you own is an extension of your property. You may build up there.
  22. You cannot have floating props as your base. If you are going to go into the sky, have realistic supports and a valid way to get to you.
  23. You cannot fading door abuse (FDA).
    • This is where you open your shooty hole with your keyboard and close it quickly, causing an unfair raid.
  24. Maze bases that are created to confuse or trap players raiding are not allowed. It must be obvious in which direction you are supposed to raid.
  25. Using no-collided props is acceptable, as long as the prop is made obvious. Make this prop a different color or material.
Gang Rules:
  1. You must advert gang raids
  2. You must be a criminal class (Allowed : Bloodz,Cripz,Terrorist,Italian Mafia,Russian Mafia) to capture and defend
  3. NLR applies to the capturing and defending. You may not come back to defend/continue raiding after you have died.
  4. You may have at most 2 fading doors for defending the flag. When the territory is claimed by another gang, however, it must be removed so they can build their own defenses.
  5. You must be apart of a gang (or allied gang relative to the current flag holders) in order to participate in a territory raid/counter/defense.

RP-Relation Rules:
Here's the basic concept of RP Relation- you must have some sort of roleplay relation in order to defend someone or their property. For example, a gun dealer can (and should) protect their customers, while Civil Protection should be protecting everyone. However, Civil Protection should not be assisting criminals in their illegal duties, as it would go against the rp purpose of their job. The rule is meant to ensure that balance is held between Civil Protection and civilian classes.
  1. You may only defend your party/gang/base member in rp situations when both/all players are rp related.
  2. You may raid with your party members when both/all players are rp related.
  3. Your jobs or actions must have some sort of relation to each other.
    • An example would be a gun-dealer, black-market dealer, and a security guard basing together
  4. Civil Protection may be paid to look away from crimes, however they cannot assist in any illegal activities.
    • You can force them to look away from or assist you in bank/pd raids at gunpoint, but it is their choice whether to help or not.

Job Descriptions and Rules:

You are the basis of all classes. Essentially, you can do everything. Get a job, create a business, run for president or start a hotel, who cares. The world is yours.
You are allowed to commit crimes, but be wary of lurking Civil Protection.

Animal Farm Owner:
You grow animals and raise them as your own. You can sell them as pets to people, if you'd like, but ultimately you can farm them for your own benefit.

You are a modest farmer who works hard for a living. Plant seeds, and sell your crops.

Radio Host:
You can start a talk show or podcast, host an open mic, dj for a party, or do whatever your heart desires with a radio and a microphone. You can charge people to play songs or purchase radios, or spread your trash music around the map for free.

Security Guard:
You are a security guard. Pretty self explanatory. Base with your employer and protect them and their property at all costs. You may handcuff people if they are causing trouble in your base, but you cannot ransom them.

You are man's best friend. You may not mug, kidnap, or raid- although you can stand by and bark like a dumbass as your master does.

Hobo/Hobo King:
You are the lowest of civilians. The filth of the town. Shack up alone or with other hobos on the street and beg or work for money. You may not raid, but you can do anything else necessary to get back to the rich life.

Civil Protection:
You are supposed to protect the public, you can only build and base within the PD no where else. You may have an rp house (one without defenses) for your own personal life, however you cannot commit any crimes, even in the privacy of your own home. When you play as Civil Protection, you are required to play your role and try your best to enforce the laws. There are a few more rules to keep a fair CP and civilian relationship:
  1. You may set up weapon check points, but they cannot block the streets.
  2. You must attempt to arrest those breaking non-violent laws before killing them. If you make no attempt at arresting the culprit, it may be clear you are just trying to find reasons to kill, and you may be demoted from your job.
  3. You may not randomly demote or threaten the mayor with out requesting change. After making a request, you must wait at least 5 minutes for the Mayor to act on your requests. After, you can kill them at your own discretion.
  4. You may be corrupt, but not to the point where it breaks server rules (Ex- Being payed to ignore a crime is allowed, but doing things such as assisting in bank raids is not allowed, unless forced at gunpoint, in which they cannot have any of the profits.)
  5. If you are issuing a warrant, you should be the person who saw the evidence behind your warrant. You can take other people at their word, but if they lie, the random warrant punishment will go to you.
  6. When there is no mayor, only the chiefs and lieutenants can build in the PD.

Default Laws:
By default, we have three laws, however there are some that are more common sense that aren't covered by the default billboard that should be followed and enforce by all Civil Protection while playing on our server.. These include but are not limited to:
  1. Counter-fit money printing is illegal.
  2. Any drug usage or production is illegal.
  3. Any acts of terror or the tolerance/participation of terrorist acts are illegal.
  4. Jaywalking is legal, however a bad idea.
  5. Possessing a firearm of any type in public is legal.
(do note that the Mayor can overwrite all of these laws.)

You are the big face of the city, and the representative elected by and for your people. You should look for their best interests, but it is okay to have your own agenda. You can make all crimes besides rdm legal, however you cannot make laws that target specific classes or players. You are the king of the peasants- you can either be the good guy or the asshole dictator-tyrant. It is up to you.
  1. After adverting “Grace Period,” the mayor cannot be killed/harmed/kidnapped/mugged/demoted for 10 minutes.
  2. You may not raid/mug/kidnap, nor may you participate or assist in these actions.
  3. You are not above the law, even if you set it. If you are seen breaking your own laws, it is a valid reason for demotion or assassination.
  4. You can decide, with your own judgement, who can and cannot build within the PD.

  1. You cannot mug/raid/kidnap.
  2. You can do an official police raid if the owner of the base owns any contraband. You must either be able to see the contraband or the base owner says it in RP circumstances.
  3. You cannot print. (Bitcoin miners are an exception, since they are legal.)
  4. You do what the chief or mayor tells you to do. If you disobey them, they can and probably will demote you.

  1. You cannot mug/raid/kidnap.
  2. You cannot print.
  3. You are payed by the government/citizens to investigate possible crimes- if the culprit is breaking the law, arrest them.

Bank Manager/Guard:
  1. You cannot raid/mug/kidnap.
  2. You can only base in the bank. However, you may have a second rp house.
  3. You cannot print, but you can use bitcoin.
  4. You cannot let people rob the bank. You must defend.


  1. You can mug/raid.
  2. You can kidnap.
  3. You can base and print by yourself or with other criminal jobs (No terrorists)
Raid Medic:
You are a self-taught medic. You cannot sell medkits, but you can offer health to your friends.
  1. You can base and print by yourself or with any other jobs besides CP.
  2. You can charge people for heals.
  1. You can mug/raid/kidnap. If you kidnap a member of a rival gang, you can exceed the set ransom maximum.
  2. To have a gang war, both sides must agree.
Meth Cook/Amph Cook/MDMA Cook:
You are drug manufacturers focused on making the most pure and profitable drugs on the market. You can do anything you'd like, but you'll probably end up cooped inside your lab making tasty mixtures all day anyways.

  1. You can raid/mug/kidnap.
  2. You can war with the Police Department, but both sides must accept.
  3. You can bomb public crowds for the pleasure of murdering infidels.
  4. You must advert bombings, and bombings are allowed every 20 mins.
  5. There is no such thing as terror on our server.
You are a dark, twisted person with nothing but the concept of murder to please your impulses.
  1. You can mug/raid/kidnap.
  2. You can base and print.
  3. You must kill or ransom the people you kidnap.
You are the perfect tool for people to get retaliation with. You can do everything but kill yourself, unfortunately.

You are payed to do pretty much anything, you're the guard that actually goes out and gets shit done.
  1. You can mug/raid/kidnap if paid to.
  2. You cannot take on hits.
Bounty Hunter:
You take bounties off the bounty board and execute them for money.

Self-supply as any dealer class is not allowed. Self-supply is defined as: switching classes specifically to supply yourself with weapons/equipment. If you are going to supply yourself, you should already have a shop and be selling to customers.


All types of dealers MUST sell to everyone. You also cannot scam people if they paid the requested amount for an item.

Weapon Dealer:
You give everyone the essential tools to kill each other. You're basically god, except you don't create anything but tools of death.
  • You must have a shop.

Snoop Dogg:
Your main focus in life is to get as many not-so-cool guys into vaping to transform them into super-duper-cool guys. You can do whatever you'd like in terms of raiding, mugging, kidnapping, or participating in gang actions, however you cannot do PD or Bank raids alone.

Black Market Dealer:
You are an equipment dealer, with the sole purpose of distributing fun toys to people with motivations to cause chaos. You can sell to Civil Protection, but do be wary that they can warrant you for possession and distribution of some illegal items. (ex- frag grenades, lockpicks, unarrest batons, etc.)
  • You must have a shop.

Behind every bar, is a bartender with lesser aspirations.
  1. You can base and print in your shop/resturant.
  2. You must have a resturant where players can buy drinks.
  3. You can poison people's drinks only if you have an rp reason to do so.
You create the best and most delicious french fries. 'Nuff said

The local good-guy doctor. As nice as you are, however, you're still out looking for a profit.
  • You can set up a shop and charge people for heals or sell them medkit shipments.
  • You can base with Civil Protection, however you cannot commit crimes under their knowledge.

oh and,
geese will rule the world.
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