John's Staff Application

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John V

New member
Mar 13, 2019
How old are you?:16

What is your in game name and rank?:John V. (rank is user)

What is your Steam id and Steam name?:Steam name is John (friends With diablo on steam)

What is your discord name and tag?:Juicy#4835

Time zone and days you are available. :after school at 5pm to 9pm

How much time can you dedicate to the server daily? as much i you ask for (im active)

Do you have a working microphone which you can communicate with others?:Yes

Do you have Discord? If not are you willing to download it to communicate with the staff and community?:yes i do have discord

Rate your communication skills with players, 1 out of 10, and EXPLAIN. :8

Server Questions
How long have you been playing on the server?:im new

Have you donated to the server? If so include what you donated for. :no (prob will)

What is something you personally would like to achieve on the server?:get a good reputation and be a good mod and not look bad to players

Do you have any previous bans? Explain them.on gmod i dont no

What is more important, the Administrators or the players? EXPLAIN your decision. :the players need to get a full experience of a rp server and deserve the best and deserve what a rp server is all about

What is your favorite part of the server?:everything

In-Depth Questions
What rank are you applying for?Trial-Mod or even Mod

Have you applied for this rank before?:Nop

Why do you want to be a staff member? Explain in 150 words or more. : I want to be part of the staff team to help others and to make the darkrp server better even though it's already good i'm here to help the people in need of Rules and rdm KOS AOS and even some little problems that and i can fix i’ll be right there for them. Because being a staff member is like a job in a way cause your doing your job on the game and your goal is to fix issues that people are having with the game. I've been mod on one of my best friend server for a little bit before it closed we didn't not really had a lot of people but i still did my staff rules and what i was supposed to do and it turned out great. And there is always going to be rdm and ect, but we can stop it bit by bit and this is why you should choose me.

Why do you deserve this rank?:like i said i deserve it because im sure that i can place my mark on your server (the good way) it would be amazing to be part of it

What makes you different than the other staff members currently on the server?:
? I've had experience with being a staff member on differents games and differents servers i have experience with helping, fixing issues with rdm and and nlr and many others things that can be annoying to people. Why i should be apart of the staff team is probably because i've worked with people in real life so i have the mentality of when i am doing my job in gmod. I can keep it cool with others and i don't lose my brain whenever someone talks to me like trash.I can be really cool with people but ill never start to yell at them. I an very honest with others I dont bite I'm friendly,and I would love to be a part of this awesome Gmod Staff Team :)

Do you agree not to ask a staff member to review your application, to accept or deny your application, and/or to give you unfair advantages?:

What can you contribute to the server?:everything im active i can bring event ,players, love doing sits and talking to others and i can even bring joy ! :p

Why should you be chosen over another applicant?:im active im not toxic i have good experience and i think you can trust me ill do anything for this server

Can you name the main body of the staff team? Include Owners, Managers, Super Admins, Admins and Mods.being a STAFF member is like a job irl because you have to take care of the server like its your and its important so that the server reputation stays good and stays the same for me being a staff member on here is prob a dream because i love gmod and i love doing sits and talking with people

Important Information
List your recommendations from the staff team:dont have

Also, list any recommendations from players:no

What experience with moderating a server have you had in the past? EXPLAIN in detail. :Dont have any but i pretty much know all the commands

How familiar are you with the commands needed to be used to moderate on the server?:Yes

Required Questions
Do you agree to follow all rules on the server while being a moderator, and enforce them when necessary?:100%

Are you able to contribute enough time to the Sinful RP Servers, Forums, and Discord?:For sure

Are you able to help anyone who is in need of assistance while on the server or forums?:Of Course

Do you agree not to ask a staff member to review your application, to accept or deny your application, and/or to give you unfair advantages?:I do


Staff member
Jun 28, 2018
Application needs some work before being looked at again , you have 1 week to make the fixes to your app , failure to due do so will result in a denial of your app.
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