it is I, again and again, for mod

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Jul 4, 2018
General Information
What is your in game name and rank?:
swoop, vip+

What is your Steam id and Steam name?:

STEAM_0:0:225310731 , diego_canfindu

Time zone and days you are available. :
Eastern Standard Time, Monday-Friday not all weekends

How much time can you dedicate to the server daily?
3 -5 hours

Do you have a working microphone which you can communicate with others?:
of course

Do you have Discord? If not are you willing to download it to communicate with the staff and community?:
of course

Rate your communication skills with players, 1 out of 10, and EXPLAIN. :

I would say 7 for the time i WAS mod i thought i did pretty good, and the time after that i have been on the server interacting with the players to get to know them
Server Questions
How long have you been playing on the server?:
since june 4

Have you donated to the server? If so include what you donated for. :
yes, custom class , vip+, spider swep, m249 for custom class

What is something you personally would like to achieve on the server?:

honesty being able to hold mod for a month without being demoted

What is more important, the Administrators or the players? EXPLAIN your decision. :

the player is more important than the higher us because without a good player base the server will never have players, you could also bring up the fact without a good mod and admin team nobody will player on the server since the last experience they had was such a bad one, so it really could go both ways but i still believe without good players a server can NEVER be good.

What is your favorite part of the server?:

how each situation i get in isnt one sided, as well as the higher ups not being salty and toxic at times

In-Depth Questions
What rank are you applying for?

Have you applied for this rank before?:

Why do you want to be a staff member? Explain in 150 words or more. :
i think that I would be a great part of the staff team because I am a person who will interact with the community even when I'm not staff on duty.
and when I am staff on duty I will not abuse the powers I'm been given and when people break the rules I should be there to show them what they did wrong and help them fix the issue without having to go straight to punishment and after me teaching this person maybe they can learn something from this and not do what there doing and teach other people what's right and wrong,

ive been mod before so i understand how sits work and blogs and such, so with this information i already know how to do my job, with only a little bit of training i still need.. I may have been or still am a 'minge' in a lot of peoples eyes for good reasons that I am trying to change to my best ability and with this I know I am fitting member of the sinful Rp staff steam.

i think it would be a stretch for me to get this rank but for me to even get trial mod would be great and i think i could prove to the higher ups that i have changed and i am ready to come back to the staff team

Why do you deserve this rank?:

i think i deserve this rank not for my likability (i can sometimes be a minge to people) but for my knowledge on the server and how handle most situations i get put in, ive read the motd enough to know the rules and ive been on the server long enough to know how people play

Name three values do you think a staff member should possess and EXPLAIN. :
loyalty: to the staff and admins that accepted you into this position.

respect: to the players around you and the players above you, but they should be respected at the same level, no person is worth more than another

knowledge: without having a good understanding on how the server works and the players in it as well as the rules, you would have a hard time being mod.

hy should you be chosen over another applicant?:

my experience with the people on the server as well my familiarity with the rules and the player base

Can you name the main body of the staff team? Include Owners, Managers, Super Admins, Admins and Mods.

Founders: Diablo, DraQ0,

Managers: Lil Astro, LummoBite, StanleyTheDog

Developer: Smart Like My Shoe. Head Admin+: Deputy Ripper.

headadmin Teler

admin- wulfy skittlez, chubbs

mod-Definitely Tofu, tony, Levitss , nt mezzo ( i think thats his name)

Important Information
List your recommendations from the staff team:
Stanley brought it up once

What experience with moderating a server have you had in the past? EXPLAIN in detail. :
this server, for maybe a week or 2, then got demoted

How familiar are you with the commands needed to be used to moderate on the server?:
pretty familiar

Required Questions
Do you agree to follow all rules on the server while being a moderator, and enforce them when necessary?:

Are you able to contribute enough time to the Sinful RP Servers, Forums, and Discord?:

Are you able to help anyone who is in need of assistance while on the server or forums?:

Do you agree not to ask a staff member to review your application, to accept or deny your application, and/or to give you unfair advantages?:
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