Deputy Ripper's Community Manager application

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Deputy Ripper

Aug 11, 2018
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
General Information
How old are you?: 29

What is your in game name and rank:
Deputy Ripper, Staff Manager

What is your Steam id and Steam name?:
STEAM_0:1:76904898, Deputy Ripper

What is your discord name and tag?:
Deputy Ripper#7380

Time zone and days you are available. :
EST Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

How much time can you dedicate to the server daily?
Idk like 2-6 hours

Do you have a working microphone which you can communicate with others?:

Do you have Discord? If not are you willing to download it to communicate with the staff and community?:

Rate your communication skills with players, 1 out of 10, and EXPLAIN. :
9, I like talking but sometimes I messy pu ym ytping

Server Questions
How long have you been playing on the server?:
Roughly 8 months

Have you donated to the server? If so include what you donated for. :
KKK CUSTOM CLASS, Lummo's custom class, Spidermanswep, VIP+, Vip+ for two other people, Just some money I gave.

What is something you personally would like to achieve on the server?:
Reaching 100mill (currently at 50mill)

Do you have any previous bans? Explain them.:
Nah it's all good here.

What is more important, the Administrators or the players? EXPLAIN your decision. :
Both are important the staff members keep the players happy and in order, the players keep the rp going mainly.

What is your favorite part of the server?:
My fellow staff members.

In-Depth Questions
What rank are you applying for?
Founder/Community Manager

Have you applied for this rank before?:
Um no but it is like that because applied for mod like 7 months ago.

Why do you want to be a Community manager/founder? Explain in 150 words or more. :
I love helping people out and taking sits, the server is more than enjoyable. I want to watch it blossom into a loving community without any toxicity lasting for longer then it needs to. All the staff members could use help getting up there working harder, being more active, and going the distance and using effort to get a higher rank and assist players. As staff manager, I already can assist with that plenty but I'd like to help teach people on our other servers what to do correctly when staffing and how to go further, I'd like to at least fulfill the position while Lummo is absent from the server, so that me way have another active CM assisting anyone in need.

Why do you deserve this rank?:
Because I'm cool guy and stan is cool guy with me, and I'd like to be able to make decisions for myself :anger:. I have been active on the server for 8 whole months and I think it's become rather clear I don't plan on abandoning the server ever.

What makes you different than the other staff members currently on the server?:
My seniority and superior knowledge of ulx and other commands. (plus I'm like the only staff member who actually USES SPECTATE!!!!!)

Name three values do you think a staff member should possess and EXPLAIN. :
Kindness: all staff members should be kind to the members of the community in any situation and not bombard them with hateful speech. Strictness but not too strict, you need to have the proper balance of strictness so you can enforce rules heavily or not heavily when properly needed, you also need to have the ability to joke around and be relaxed. Speed and responsiveness: Staff members need to be able to respond quickly to sits and respond quickly in them so things don't go on for too long or someone isn't left without help. On top of all of this, you need to be willing to assist no matter the scenario or time and take care of even friends of yours who may be breaking rules.

What can you contribute to the server?:
My time, personality, and willingness to help.

Why should you be chosen over another applicant?:
My seniority. clear skill in staffing, and my activity.

Can you name the main body of the staff team? Include Owners, Managers, Super Admins, Admins and Mods.
Founder: Diablo, Draq. Community managers: Lummobite, StanleyTheDog. Staff Managers: Deputy Ripper. Inactive staff managers: Mason Dick, Mannypullen, Devilo (anime). Headadmin: Skittlez, Chubs. Admin: Ducky. Moderator: Juggernaut, Teler, and TinkerTom ;).

Important Information
List your recommendations from the staff team for CM:
LummoBite, (Maybe Stanley), and probably everyone else on the staff team but i didn't feel like asking so yeah i just went off of past things said.

Also, list any recommendations from players:
idk man

What experience with moderating a server have you had in the past? EXPLAIN in detail. :
Uh idk maybe check this out for this because lazy: Plus now like 7 months on the sinful staff team.

How familiar are you with the commands needed to be used to moderate on the server?:

Required Questions
Do you agree to follow all rules on the server while being a moderator, and enforce them when necessary?:

Are you able to contribute enough time to the Sinful RP Servers, Forums, and Discord?:

Are you able to help anyone who is in need of assistance while on the server or forums?:

Do you agree not to ask a staff member to review your application, to accept or deny your application, and/or to give you unfair advantages?:


Lummo Is cool guy, stanley is cool guy. Tom should be promoted early.
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