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Jun 28, 2018
While the donation page tells you what you can buy on the server, this thread is specifically for custom classes and the items that they may spawn with.Click here to donate for one ! (Click custom amount)
1. You can only buy custom classes/jobs that exist on the server (Ex- You can buy a civilian custom job, but you can't buy a vigilante custom job).
2. You can not buy items that are not associated with your type of job (Ex- Custom thieves may not spawn with a battering ram; A custom police may not spawn with bugbait).
3. You can not have a custom job that is more than one type of job (Ex- You can have a police job, but you can't have a terrorist that cooks meth).
4. Playermodels must be humanoids (Hobos are an exception).
Any custom class (Class itself) is 25 dollars. Every class model has to be 5 megabytes or under. For every megabyte, you must pay 3 dollars. (Ex- You want a 10 megabyte player model, so you would have to pay for those 5 extra megabytes which would be 15 dollars).
Assault Rifles are 15 dollars each. This includes-
1. M4A1
2. Galil
3. Steyr AUG
4. AK47
6. SG552

Shotguns are 15 dollars each. This includes-
1. M3 Super 90
2. XM1014

Sniper Rifles are 20 dollars each. This includes-
1. G3SG1
2. AWP
3. SG550
4. Scout

LMGS ARE 20 dollars. This includes-
1. M249

Sub Machine guns (SMG) are 10 dollars each. This includes-
1. FN P90
2. HK UMP45
3. TMP
Mac 10
5. MP5

Pistols are 5 dollars each. This includes-
1. Desert Eagle (Deagle)
2. Dual Elites
3. Fiveseven
4. Glock18
6. P228

1. Heavy Kevlar Armor- 15 dollars
2. Medium Kevlar Armor- 10 dollars.
3. Light Kevlar Armor- 5 dollars
( It cost 5 dollars per upgrade; EX- You can buy medium for 10, but if you want to upgrade to heavy then it's 5 more dollars).

4. Med Kit- 5 dollars
5. Medical Vape- 5 dollars

6. Any CSGO knife- 3 dollars
7. Rope Restraints- 5 dollars.
8. Pro Lock pick- 5 dollars
9. Pro Keypad Cracker- 5 dollars

10. Slappers- 5 dollars (Only for hobos and strippers).
11. Inhuman playermodels- 10 dollars (Only for hobos).

That's all! If you have any questions or concerns, then contact Diablo for more info!
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