Chicekn Burger For President (staff)

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Jul 24, 2018
Wakanda, Africa
General Information
How old are you?: 15

What is your in game name and rank?: Chicken Burger, VIP+

What is your Steam id and Steam name?: Spartan Ops 11497, STEAM_0:0:195910762

Time zone and days you are available. : Mostly on weekends, but could get on when asked (on discord)

How much time can you dedicate to the server daily? I could go on for hours playing on this server (but depends on the day, and my schedule)

Do you have a working microphone which you can communicate with others?: YeSsIr

Do you have Discord? If not are you willing to download it to communicate with the staff and community?: Yea, my name is literally Chicken Burger

Rate your communication skills with players, 1 out of 10, and EXPLAIN. :
9, I am pretty good at talking to people (especially online), but people have bad mics and usually can’t hear me anyways.

Server Questions
How long have you been playing on the server?: Became a member in July 24, 2018, but started playing like a month before. (Got alot of hours)

Have you donated to the server? If so include what you donated for. : I have donated for VIP+, (the bundle that comes with the famas) and also got the grappling hook.

What is something you personally would like to achieve on the server?: I would personally like to be recognized as a role model, or a popular guy. (Chicken Burgerrr)

Do you have any previous bans? Explain them. I literally have one ban, and that was back when i first started gmod, well i was playing on a darkrp server (not this one), and i was just basing as a cop because i didn't know the rules, long story short they perma banned me for minging?!?!

What is more important, the Administrators or the players? EXPLAIN your decision. : The administrators, even though it seems like without players there's no point in administrators, but like in the Office, the workers are what makes the business run in a company. If there's no administrators then the server would be chaos.

What is your favorite part of the server?: I just love everything, from the graphic (they don't crash my game), to the number of weapons and items (large enough to be unique, but small enough to not fill up your internal storage), and finally the people (im talking about you Diablo), it's the admins and the creator who brought all this together and really got me to interact more with other people but virtually.

In-Depth Questions
What rank are you applying for? Admin or higher

Have you applied for this rank before?: Nope

Why do you want to be a staff member? Explain in 150 words or more. : I want to be a staff member to really encourage people, to get off their low rank and rank up. To do a cause for the dying server, to help it from it’s knees. I want to save the server, not from hackers, or lag of too much people, but from the lack of people. Also to finally do something new, instead of this bland spawn-base-die-respawn type of ideal, it would now be like I’m helping the people Not Die. Finally Finally to keep the server nice and tidy, from all these rdmers (ahem* Gameparty ahem*), and rule breakers, to keep the server fresh. Since I’m a late night gamer i would also be able to contribute towards the admin gap at the late shift, usually at late at night there would be some to no admins online with plenty of people. I had personal experiences where there was a huge rdm fight with no admins online, also the Bot1 doesn’t help at all (well most of the time, until the admins come). SINFUL will rise again!!

Why do you deserve this rank?: The reason in which I shall deserve this rank, is because of my ability to treasure and respect this rank to its fullest glory. If someone needs help, I’ll help them because I’m a therapist Wait* I mean I’m a Moderator (well not yet at least, at the time I’m writing this).

What makes you different than the other staff members currently on the server?: Well just liek explained before I could play late and provide surveillance to the server at the darkest nights.

Name three values do you think a staff member should possess and EXPLAIN. : A perfect staff member should always value the belief of Respect, Integrity and Authenticity. Respect by self respect and respecting others regardless of rank, Integrity by demonstrating moral courage, strength and trustworthiness, and finally Authenticity by consistency, congruence and transparency.

What can you contribute to the server?: I can fill the gap in the admin mishap, or lack.

Why should you be chosen over another applicant?: Unlike, or possibly unlike other applicants, I show my full understanding and participation in the activity of duty.

Can you name the main body of the staff team? Include Owners, Managers, Super Admins, Admins and Mods. Founder: Diablo. Community Managers: LummoBite, Stanley The Dog. Staff Manager: Deputy Ripper. Head Admin: Skittlez, Akchubbs. Admin: Wulfyz, Teler, Ducktective, BigBoiOmar, Rep, Juggs?. Mod: Draven?, Swoop, Not sure (thought there was only admin)

Important Information
List your recommendations from the staff team: Wulfyz

Also, list any recommendations from players:

What experience with moderating a server have you had in the past? EXPLAIN in detail. :
None, first time I’m doing this long fill-in paper.
How familiar are you with the commands needed to be used to moderate on the server?:
Sorta familiar, like go to, bring, spectate, slay, ban, kick, etc (but like to know more)
Required Questions
Do you agree to follow all rules on the server while being a moderator, and enforce them when necessary?: Yes Sir.

Are you able to contribute enough time to the Sinful RP Servers, Forums, and Discord?:
Yes, I would be able to, I would also might even try to contact while in vacation or events.
Are you able to help anyone who is in need of assistance while on the server or forums?:
Yes sir, that is the task and job at hand of the moderator.
Do you agree not to ask a staff member to review your application, to accept or deny your application, and/or to give you unfair advantages?:
Yessir, anything at this point and time is my and (the “We’re looking for new staff” ad) decision, and no other support was granted before and during my trial.

Include any extra details you would like to mention.

What's the difference of Moderators and Admins?

What does Bot1 actually do?

And am I allowed to ask questions?
P.S. I’m the creator of Kool Lounge

Doctor Chicken Burger.


Staff member
Jun 28, 2018
Your app needs some work, if you want contact me on discord and ill help you revise your app!
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