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    Skybox fix?

    At the "Cafe Baltic" building out front of the PD, the skybox just dips down and I always get caught on it when I am Spiderman Swepping through the city. IS there a way to raise it a litle bit? Thanks
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    Fragz's Staff Application

    General Information How old are you?: 14 What is your in game name and rank?: Fragz and V.I.P+ What is your Steam id and Steam name?: Fragz and STEAM_0:1:57286571 Time zone and days you are available. : Eastern Standard Time, and all days of the week. How much time can you dedicate to the...
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    How to be a master robloxian! And, to be VIP+ for free in SinfulRP! (LEAK, OMG COPS CALLED)

    Instructions unclear, my mom sold everything including me to get her money back.
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    DarkRP is pretty alright

    Bruh DarkRP isn't pretty alright. It's pretty GODLIKE.
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    Good choice. Those Hobos are always up to something.
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    How 2 Make Money

    Or just grind Ampthetamine for a good 5 hours like me, and make like 3 million.
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    Yeah the job menu is a bit of a mess.
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    We need to eradicate Fortnite

    Fortnite is plaguing the epic gaming community. We need to stop it. One +1 = One Vote to Stop Fortnite. Help support the cause.
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    DESTROY them Libtards.
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    Birds should fly around the map.

    Birds should fly around the map for atmosphere purposes.
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    Changes to the Amphetamine Dropping System?

    Instead of dropping all of your amphetamine when any damage is dealt to you, maybe the percentage of the batch you are currently holding should drop for each amount of damage taken?