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Sep 27, 2020
l choppo
General Information
How old are you?:

What is your in game name and rank?: chad.hulsey and my rank is user

What is your Steam id and Steam name?: STEAM_0:0:456726234 chad.hulsey

What is your discord name and tag?: trxybluexy#3433

Time zone and days you are available. : central time probably Wednesdays and Fridays

How much time can you dedicate to the server daily? at least 30 mins a day

Do you have a working microphone which you can communicate with others?: yes

Do you have Discord? If not are you willing to download it to communicate with the staff and community?:yes I do have discord

Rate your communication skills with players, 1 out of 10, and EXPLAIN. :I have ben told that I would be a good admin and I do think I am pretty nice about things

Server Questions
How long have you been playing on the server?:couple of days /2

Have you donated to the server? If so include what you donated for. : no I have not

What is something you personally would like to achieve on the server?:I would like to be a nice and well known admin

Do you have any previous bans? Explain them. no I have not but my cousin accidently did when he tried tping to me

What is more important, the Administrators or the players? EXPLAIN your decision. :well everyone is included and everyone is important

What is your favorite part of the server?: probably just trying to help people and meat a new community

In-Depth Questions
What rank are you applying for? moderator

Have you applied for this rank before?: no

Why do you want to be a staff member? Explain in 150 words or more. :why i would like to become admin I would like to help out the owner and try to grow his server I would really like admin to not just help the owner but help the community and bring matters into my own hands i would love to help the community the owner other admins and just gnarly try to make the server an enjoyable as it could so if there is any problems such as rdm,rda,cdm,nlr i will love to help and find out a solution for anything and i will try to be as nice to the community as possible and yes i am pretty nice about things and i would feel like a well known person and as a nice person a help full person and not mean a bully and just in general not a jerk

Why do you deserve this rank?: I feel like I would be a good admin

What makes you different than the other staff members currently on the server?: i am really responsible and chill dude

Name three values do you think a staff member should possess and EXPLAIN. : know how to use cmds usually i would give them a second chance unless there minges

What can you contribute to the server?:i could try to help out a lot and stay on the server as much as i can

Why should you be chosen over another applicant?: well i think i would be best with helping out

Can you name the main body of the staff team? Include Owners, Managers, Super Admins, Admins and Mods. trxy zombie rubber ducky diablo obito epicness thats all i dont know anymore

Important Information
List your recommendations from the staff team: to be nice to others

Also, list any recommendations from players: to be nice to others

What experience with moderating a server have you had in the past? EXPLAIN in detail. : the admins are really nice and the community is nice to so i think this server is pretty good

How familiar are you with the commands needed to be used to moderate on the server?: i am really familiar with all the cmds

Required Questions
Do you agree to follow all rules on the server while being a moderator, and enforce them when necessary?:yes

Are you able to contribute enough time to the Sinful RP Servers, Forums, and Discord?:yes

Are you able to help anyone who is in need of assistance while on the server or forums?:yes

Do you agree not to ask a staff member to review your application, to accept or deny your application, and/or to give you unfair advantages?:yes
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