Add The Retro Miner Please.


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May 2, 2020
North America
Name Of Addon: Zero's Retro Miner
Link To Addon: Why?: Because its a fun class to play when you just want to relax and have fun mining some ores. Also a fun way to gets money!
What Is It?: It is basically where you get a pickaxe and you must mine ores to crush them into specific chunks then smelt them into bars then sell them! There is GOLD, IRON, SILVER, BRONZE AND COAL. Coal is needed to smelt them obviously and you can make a conveyor belt to easily auto crush them and set them into specific spots!
Location For It?: A good location for it is in the mines under the grasslands! (Left From Spawn, Another Left From The Beach, Go Straight Til The Right Tunnel Next To The Park Then Straight Then Another Right And Down)
Why Should We Add It?: You should add it because it give people another way to get money and a fun way.