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  1. [Sin]Diablo

    StanleyTheDog's Staff Application

    -1 he kisses girls
  2. [Sin]Diablo

    The Pyro Ham's Application

  3. [Sin]Diablo

    Medic's Staff Application

  4. [Sin]Diablo

    Discord Link?

    You're perma banned from the discord
  5. [Sin]Diablo

    Just reminiscing

    Server didnt die , working on it currently . We've changed the way the server itself is being operated . it's been taking some time to get it all together the way i want it . Sorry for the inconvenience :)
  6. [Sin]Diablo

    discords link pls
  7. [Sin]Diablo

    cc renewal

  8. [Sin]Diablo


    No its the same discord?
  9. [Sin]Diablo

    Finn second epic staff app

    You need to improve your application , seems to generic !
  10. [Sin]Diablo

    Nicks Staff App

    Staff app needs improvement!
  11. [Sin]Diablo

    Staff Report(Contact Administration !)

    Thread Lock , use the discord to contact staff !
  12. [Sin]Diablo

    Mike Who Cheese Hairy's Staff App

    Please be available later today around 7pm estfor an interview!
  13. [Sin]Diablo

    Semi-Quote Staff Application

    Please be available later today around 7 pm est for an interview!
  14. [Sin]Diablo

    DiamondD1025's staff Application

    Your application needs some work !
  15. [Sin]Diablo


  16. [Sin]Diablo

    John's Staff Application

    Application needs some work before being looked at again , you have 1 week to make the fixes to your app , failure to due do so will result in a denial of your app.
  17. [Sin]Diablo

    Pyro Ham's Staff Application

    Improve you activity on the server before your application moves on to the next step in the process !