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    Discord Link?

    Old link is old, pls post new <3
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    Rep's Perm Ban Appeal

    My IGN is Rep. My SteamID is STEAM_1:0:97455660 I was banned, I can't remember what it was for. I would like to convey an apology here and just generally say that I'm interested in SinfulRp. It would truly mean a lot to me if my perm ban could be reversed. Thank you.
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    Rep's Custom Class

    Class Name: Yuno Gasai RGB Class Color: 253, 160, 255 Player Model: Job Type: Terrorist Description: A sexy 15 y/o anime girl Weapons: C4 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:97455660
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    Shup up, I'll fucking kiss you!

    General Information How old are you?: I sexually identify as 9. What is your in game name and rank?: 'Rep', 'vip+' What is your Steam id and Steam name?: idfk, repgainer3 Time zone and days you are available.: EST, Sundays 100% of the time and a few hours per week day. How much time can you...
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    A Formal Resignation

    Friends of the SinfulRp community, I am undertaking many tolls that prohibit my existence within the plane in which allowed are those who obtain a grasp of respect, and power. As well, I am to be very aware of my actions, and being of sound mind and body I execute my right as volunteer to...
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    My Penguin is Richer than your Penguin!

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    Staff Report on Poke

    ni**er = Nisher
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    Staff Report on Poke

    He's a ni**er
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    The Fall of Waifu Celerity

    It was a good run but all good things must come to an end. Yes, the gang I used to own, Waifu Celerity, is no longer the best gang in the server. As it stands, Waifu Celerity only has the most members rank. Stanleys gang(Bunch o' Geese) will soon over take as best gang in the server, and because...
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    Yes... Mwahahaha... YESSSS!

    This... This is goooood. Your Waifu appreciates your compliance! For any of you out there who still believe that I, the Supreme Waifu and Best Girl, am not the God of this world, I only have one thing to say to you. Either comply, or perish. There is no stopping the superior race that are my...
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    Suck it virgins

    Waifu is my rank, sorry <3
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    Suck it virgins

    Waifu Celerity - the best gang of all time.
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    Diablo Staff Report

    He's a nerd, please demote him.