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    Just reminiscing

    If anyone is looking through these forums; hey it's me, Ducktective. You might know me as the greatest former head admin. Just passing through to look at old memories. Man, those were the days. Is this server still up and running? I cant find it on the server list anymore so I would assume...
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    It's been almost 9 months :(

    Ya I'll pass but thanks anyway
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    oh lol nvm
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    why the fuck do peple keep putting my name in their apps
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    Welcome to SinfulHarmony, the absolute best dating service on gmod!
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    Spoopy Screenshot???

    Shit yeah that probably would've made it way better
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    "What can you contribute to the server" "Yes" We got it boys. smartest staff ever
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    Spoopy Screenshot???

    youre gay as fuck
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    Spoopy Screenshot???

    Not sure if the Spooky Screenshot contest is still going on but here's my submission! Enjoy!
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    Deputy Ripper custom class

    Your day of judgement will soon been nigh As the Lord in his wisdom looks down from on high Will his battle be lost by mixin' the races? We want beautiful babies, not ones with brown faces Never, never, never, I say For the Ku Klux Klan is here to stay Never, never, never, I say Cause the Ku...
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    Stacybaby's Application

    Incredibly confused as to why you posted this twice
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    Don't fucking delete my posts, stanley you cuckold weeaboo
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    Duck's Application

    After reading Rep's GARBAGE staff application, I have realized that since I have never made a staff app you have no idea what makes a GOOD application. So here is my very first staff app. Please read it and weep at how inferior you are to me. General Information How old are you?: 17 What is...
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    Staff application

    Cons: 1. No 2. "I know the ins and outs" no you fucking dont 3. "I am 13" 4. youre clearly trying to pad out the minimum 150 words and while i understand, its infuriating. 5. you listed 5 staff out of like, how many staff do we have? okay i dont know but more than that 6. "sure why not?" no...
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    XXXTENTACLES Staff Application

    I have no idea who you are but I like tentacle hentai so +1